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Expanding & Developing Principal Capacity

Increasing Educator Recruitment and Retention

IMPACT builds principals' capacity to develop classroom and school cultures which are culturally responsive and supportive of diverse educators, encouraging their development and retention. Through expanding the reach of MLDS to achieve a critical mass of participating principals in Missouri and building the capacity of principals in the three key areas, IMPACT will improve teacher practice, and help principals recruit and retain teachers, while advancing student learning.

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Promoting Student Access to Educational Resources & Opportunities

IMPACT promotes opportunities and results for all students by ensuring access to high quality teachers.

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Meeting Student Well-Being and Academic Needs

IMPACT builds the capacity of principals to meet the increased needs of students through focused principal learning experience, and treatments in each of the key areas.

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Using MLDS as a foundation, IMPACT targets professional learning in four key areas to build the capacity of principals to respond to student needs exacerbated by the pandemic.

Leadership Development

Conducting outreach to engage more principals in MLDS, particularly those from low-performing schools with underserved students.

Student Well-Being

Addressing the increased needs of students.

Academic Support

Addressing the increased academic needs of students.

Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting, developing, and retaining a high-performing teaching force.

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