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Leadership Development

IMPACT differentiates training, coaching, and mentorship support for principals using MLDS’s career development model. Principals are supported at each level of their career from Aspiring (pre-certificated), to Emerging (initial career entry), through Developing (mid-career), and ultimately Transformational (exceptional). Participants learn and apply new skills and knowledge with the coaching of leadership specialists and the guidance of professional mentors.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning Experiences

Access cutting-edge professional development experiences that empower you with skills to excel in your leadership journey.

First, principals are engaged in a range of professional learning experiences that are both embedded in their schools and provided through multiple in-person and virtual engagements (Lawrence et al., 2008). The professional learning experiences are a primary vehicle through which participants master forty-one evidence-based leadership competencies. Principals participate in several hours of annual professional development.

Executive Coaching

Personalized Mentorship and Executive Coaching

Receive guidance from experts who understand the intricacies of educational leadership, providing you with tailored support to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Second, principals have ready access to MLDS Specialists, content experts who lead professional development and provide executive coaching (Davis et al., 2020). MLDS Specialists are selected from among the elite corps of school leaders in the state. These Specialists are located in nine regions and receive more than 150 hours of formal training. The training emphasizes adult learning theory (Knowles et al., 2015), facilitation skills, and MLDS content, with continuing education each year. Specialists have all served in school leadership roles and are skilled providers of effective professional training support and coaching (Powell et al., 2010). Through MLDS, the Specialists build the capacity of principals to have direct impact in improving students’ well-being and academic progress.

Mentorship in a School Setting

Mentorship in a School Setting

Witness successful strategies in action through mentorship in your own school, gaining insights that directly impact your practice.

Former and current principals and superintendents are trained to serve as Mentors, providing one-to-one support to participating principals (Parylo et al., 2012; Spiro et al., 2007). The MLDS Specialists lead the Mentors through orientation and training every year. This ensures Mentors gain (1) a deep understanding of the MLDS content; (2) a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities; (3) effective facilitation skills based on adult learning theory; and (4) the ability to apply the research-based evidence on effective leadership and continuous learning to principals.

Peer Networking

Exclusive Peer Networking Opportunities

Join a community of peers who share your passion for excellence, fostering collaboration and innovation to enrich your leadership capabilities.

MLDS provides principals with focused networking training opportunities to connect with peers and experts (School Leaders Network, 2014). The networking occurs statewide and regionally. These networking opportunities are led by MLDS Specialists and other content experts, building a network of support for the principals. Cieminski (2018) found that districts with higher retention rates created opportunities for principals to network with others and provide mutual support in addition to individualized support. Across three years of evaluations, 88%–92% of principals agree MLDS makes them more likely to stay as a school leader in Missouri (Liang & Slotnik, 2021). As one superintendent noted in a review of MLDS, “MLDS is not just a ‘training’. It provides a support network of experienced administrators to counsel an administrator through processes in the job” (Slotnik & Liang, 2019, p. 40).

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