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Building on The Foundation of MLDS

The Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) is the premier comprehensive leadership development program for principals and assistant principals in Missouri.

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MLDS began as a cohort of 150 principals. By its second year, it increased to over 700. The most recent data in 2023 shows MLDS is serving more than 1,600 principals and assistant principals of approximately 3,500 statewide. These principals represent more than 60% of Missouri public schools districts and 30% of charter schools. By serving these principals, MLDS currently reaches nearly 42% of the entire Missouri teacher workforce and 40% of all Missouri students.

IMPACT expands the number of principals participating in MLDS to 2,100—60% of principals statewide. By so doing, IMPACT will also reach 73% of teachers (nearly 52,000) and 70% of students (more than 600,000). With the greater reach of IMPACT, the result is a broad base of skilled principals who can effectively lead their schools in addressing pandemic-related challenges.

Our emphasis is to enhance MLDS curriculum strands on three key pillars that help principals lead teachers to improve teaching and student performance across Missouri in a post-pandemic academic landscape:

In the wake of the pandemic, the well-being of our students has taken center stage. IMPACT equips principals with the skills to create nurturing environments that address the increased needs of students, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and growth.

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Academic needs have evolved, and IMPACT stands ready to help principals rise to the occasion. We empower educational leaders to enhance their capacity to address the increased academic needs of students, ensuring that every learner reaches their full potential.

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A high-performing teaching force is the cornerstone of quality education. IMPACT dedicates itself to the mission of building principal knowledge and skills of recruiting, developing, and retaining exceptional educators, cultivating a dynamic and inclusive educational environment.

Program Expectations

Collaborative and practical learning experiences for principals at all stages of their career are guided by the content of MLDS and include administrative mentoring that is responsive to your needs as a practicing building leader. MLDS is intensive, relevant, practical, growth-evoking professional learning.

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Learning Sessions are Coordinated Through the Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC)

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Program Developed in Collaboration With, and Supported by, MAESP, MoASSP and MASA

Learning Strategies

Learning Aligned to the MLDS Competencies and National Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL)

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MLDS Commission

Implementation of MLDS is guided by the experience and expertise of the MLDS Commission, a coalition of these essential partners:

  • Missouri Association of School Administration (MASA)
  • Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MoASSP)
  • Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP)
  • Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDC)
  • Missouri Professors of Educational Administration (MPEA)
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

Complete the form below and an MLDS representative from your region will follow up with you to complete enrollment in the MLDS program or provide you the value of MLDS. There is no cost to you or your district.
You may also leave a message at 617-423-1444 (CTAC) or 573-751-7986 (DESE) and one of our team members will contact you soon.