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About Project IMPACT

After 3 years of disrupted learning across the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Missouri's educational landscape has seen significant, detrimental impacts with greater than expected declines in student performance, and heightened concerns surrounding student well-being.

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IMPACT extends the reach and expands the scope of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS). MLDS is a comprehensive, evidence-based system that develops, supports, and refines the leadership capacity of Missouri principals. Project Extended Impact (IMPACT) is poised to take MLDS to new heights by fostering a critical mass of principals dedicated to igniting positive change in Missouri's elementary and secondary educational system. The enhanced MLDS curriculum is designed to empower and equip Missouri principal and assistant principals with tools to achieve post-pandemic excellence in their schools.

IMPACT increases Missouri’s supply of effective principals and leads to improved teaching and learning, engaging 2,100 principals across the state of Missouri. Moreover, it builds the capacity of principals to have a significant impact on three key areas: student well-being, accelerated academic learning, and teacher recruitment, development, and retention.

Foundation of MLDS

At the core of IMPACT lies a meticulously enhanced curriculum addressing the most pressing challenges faced by educational leaders today. By focusing on three key areas, we're setting the stage for meaningful change and lasting results.

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In the wake of the pandemic, the well-being of our students has taken center stage. The enhanced curriculum delivered through the MLDS equips principals with the skills to create nurturing environments that address the increased well-being needs of students, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and growth.

Student Well-Being

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Academic needs have evolved, and IMPACT is enhancing the principal experience to rise to the occasion. We empower educational leaders to enhance their capacity to address the increased academic needs of students, ensuring that every learner reaches their full potential.

Academic Acceleration

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A diverse, high-performing teaching force is the cornerstone of quality education. IMPACT dedicates itself to the mission of recruiting, developing, and retaining exceptional educators, cultivating a dynamic and inclusive educational environment.

Educator Support

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At the heart of MLDS lies a commitment to your continuous growth. We understand that evolving as a leader requires ongoing learning, and our curriculum offers immersive, cutting-edge professional development experiences that empower you with the skills and insights needed to thrive in your role.

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Elevate your leadership journey with personalized guidance from experts in the field. Through executive coaching, you'll receive tailored support that aligns with your unique goals and challenges, ensuring you have the tools to overcome obstacles and achieve new heights.

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Theory meets practice with our mentorship program occurring directly in your school setting. You'll have the opportunity to witness successful strategies in action, gaining firsthand insights and experience to employ in your role.

Peer Networking Opportunities

Connect, collaborate, and innovate with a community of like-minded peers who share your passion for educational excellence. We provide exclusive networking opportunities that foster the exchange of ideas and experiences, enabling you to expand your horizons and develop valuable relationships.

Achieving Tangible Results Through MLDS Enhanced Curriculum by IMPACT

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Principals who have embraced the MLDS curriculum consistently report a heightened leadership capacity that directly translates into tangible results. You'll gain the confidence and skills needed to drive positive change within your school community and beyond.

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The enhanced MLDS curriculum is designed to empower you with strategies that elevate student academic excellence. By addressing student well-being needs, refining teaching methodologies, and championing educator excellence, you'll witness your students' performance reaching new heights.

The aim of MLDS and IMPACT is to create an ongoing system of learning and support designed to strengthen the capacity and influence of building-level leaders across Missouri.

Participating principals will engage in a series of professional learning experiences tailored to develop their leadership capacity across multiple domains. Effective practice requires a skill set that can accommodate the diverse demands of the principalship.

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1. New Leaders: First and Second-year Principals

  • Participation provides early career principals the needed support for success
  • The networking opportunities are a key and valued component of MLDS
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2. Foundations: Experienced Leaders with No Prior MLDS Participation

  • Experience in aligned cohorts
  • May include Leadership Academy
  • MLDS grows with growing principals as their career progresses
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3. Leadership Academy

  • Learning leadership on your feet as you progress through challenges with your cohort team
  • Highly recommended in Year three, but available to any level of experience
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4. Sustaining Leaders: Years Three and Beyond

  • Extended learning to complement the leader’s growing experience
  • Progressive content – Because the demand for better never lets up
  • Moving seasoned professionals from effective to transformational

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You may also leave a message at 617-423-1444 (CTAC) or 573-751-7986 (DESE) and one of our team members will contact you soon.