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Project IMPACT Enhanced MLDS Curriculum

Our mission is clear: to expand the reach of the Missouri Leadership Development Program (MLDS) and cultivate a thriving community of principals dedicated to elevating education in our state. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, we are poised to achieve a critical mass of participating principals that will foster positive change and advancement within Missouri's educational system.

IMPACT builds on the foundation of MLDS and increases the number of highly effective principals and improves teaching and learning through four key elements:

Leadership Development

Empowering principals and assistant principals to become visionary leaders who drive impactful change within their schools and beyond.

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Student Well-Being Support

Ensuring that educators and students alike receive the support needed to foster a positive and thriving learning environment.

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Academic Support

Equipping our educational leaders with the tools, resources, and strategies to enhance student outcomes and success.

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Increasing Educator Recruitment and Retention

Championing the recruitment of diverse and talented educators to enrich the educational experience and promote student access to resources within our schools.

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Principal Interacting with Students

Principals are key to school success and the pandemic has required them to take on greater responsibilities. Principals must become leaders who can guide their teachers in overcoming trauma and student well-being learning barriers. At the same time, principals need to lead their teachers to make responsive instructional decisions which accelerate student learning. While developing these skills in their teachers, principals must also be able to recruit, develop, and retain instructional staff during a period of significant teacher shortages.

MLDS Network Meeting

MLDS is a comprehensive, evidence-based system that develops, supports, and refines the leadership capacity of Missouri principals. IMPACT takes MLDS to its next iteration. IMPACT has two core goals: (1) engage in a critical mass of 60% of Missouri principals in leadership development and increase principal retention statewide and (2) increase the capacities of principals to address the salient needs exacerbated by the pandemic.

Increasing Educator Diversity

Promoting Student Access to Educational Resources and Opportunities

Meeting Student Well-Being and Academic Needs

Through expanding the reach of MLDS to achieve a critical mass of participating principals in Missouri and building the capacity of principals in the three key areas, IMPACT will improve teacher practice, diversity, and retention, while advancing student learning.

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