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MLDS Enhances Recruitment and Retention

Dear Missouri School and District Leaders,

As we move towards the close of the school year and begin to prepare for the start of the 2024–2025 year, we would like to highlight another area of enhanced content in MLDS: Recruitment and Retention.

Teacher turnover is increasing and the competition to hire new teachers is fierce. The market favors candidates, not schools. It is more important than ever for school leaders to build cultures and systems that support teachers. Teachers’ perceptions of their principal’s effectiveness and commitment to provide support are decisive factors in driving retention.

MLDS is Missouri’s premier program for the development and support of effective school leaders, with 95% of participants confirming that the program has made them better instructional leaders. Our enhanced content related to Recruitment and Retention builds on that success by providing you with effective strategies and tools to retain and develop teachers, while recruiting new talent.

Looking for more information on Recruitment and Retention? Check out this new infographic:



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