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MLDS Enhances Academic Acceleration

Dear Missouri School and District Leaders,

Across the state, school leaders are asking the same question—how is it December already?

Indeed, the school year is racing along, so it seems like an appropriate time to introduce one of our most exciting areas of enhanced content in MLDS—Academic Acceleration.

Academic Acceleration is an instructional process that helps teachers produce more than one year of expected student learning growth in one school year. It is based on standards, high expectations, deep engagement, and strong instruction that emphasizes learning from mistakes rather than simply getting the right answer.

MLDS is Missouri’s premier program for the development and support of effective school leaders, with 95% of participants confirming that the program has made them better instructional leaders. Our enhanced content related to Academic Acceleration builds on that success by providing you with effective strategies and tools to deliver the gold standard for classroom instruction, 1+ years of student learning growth in 1 school year.

Looking for more information on Academic Acceleration? Check out this new infographic:


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